Comic 530 - Episode 500

23.12.2011, 0:00 in The Path of God
Episode 500
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RJ of BlockTales 23.12.2011, 0:00 edit delete
RJ of BlockTales
Episode 500! Wow. And we learn that Mike has feelings for RJ! I'm flattered! By myself! Wow.

Anyway, I have some brilliant news for this special occasion!:

BlockTales is going on hiatus soon!

Wow. Maybe that wasn't such brilliant news...

My reasons for this are numerous. I mean, it's been fun, but it's been over two years, and to be honest, my mind is on other things, hence the silent transition from weekdaily to M-W-F updating schedule. It is just getting boring and I want to stop at a good place before I go completely inane. Don't worry, you still get so see the climatic finale of this story thread, but then I'm leaving it. I also want to be clear with this: This is a hiatus, not the end. I plan to leave BlockTales on a HUGE cliffhanger with many many plot threads and loose ends hanging over that cliff. I WILL return, and I WILL return bigger and better than ever. BlockTales is not over yet. Think of this as the intermission between Act 2 and Act 3. I'm not sure whether it will be Act 3 yet though.

SEE? I'm delusional!



MrPinnell 23.12.2011, 0:54 edit delete reply
i heard that there's gonna be a really awesome guest star in the let's play soon!