Comic 477 - Episode 447

23.9.2011, 0:00 in The Boycott
Episode 447
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RJ of BlockTales 23.9.2011, 0:00 edit delete
RJ of BlockTales
The last we saw of him was 1 year and 17 days ago...

And he doesn't have a name... Up until now I've just been calling him The Black Guy, but I've decided that isn't very politically correct. So here we go:




Isaac5 24.9.2011, 3:18 edit delete reply
Look at the roster for any NFL team, and you'll find plenty of options.
isaac5 24.9.2011, 3:23 edit delete reply
This will be derived from the Philadelphia Eagles(my team)

Micheal Vick + Desean Jackson = Micheal Jackson

maybe this won't work. JUst search "NFL"