Comic 271 - Episode 257

13.12.2010, 18:00 in Good News?
Episode 257
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Brick Dude 14.12.2010, 13:06 edit delete reply
[Regarding the *keep mouse cursor over the picture to see* comment]Unlike most of the time when someone asks me a question like that, I actually have.

Yes, I am aware that might be a rhetorical question but I really dont care.

PS:Sorry about the spelling, I'm really in a hurry.
RJ of BlockTales 15.12.2010, 10:11 edit delete reply
RJ of BlockTales
[Regarding comment on Alt Text] Sometimes it's good to seem to be a bad author who's forgotten a main character. That way, you won't expect it. I'm kinda annoyed that this only took a few weeks after the last chapter though. I'm sure this arc was longer than it is.