Comic 253 - Coming Soon: Story Arc 3

17.11.2010, 18:00 in Loose Ends
Coming Soon: Story Arc 3
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RJ of BlockTales 17.11.2010, 18:00 edit delete
RJ of BlockTales
That's right, I went through all the bother to postpone Story Arc 3 till Monday.



isaac 17.11.2010, 21:21 edit delete reply
okay, if this is story arc three... than what the heck were the first two? random stuff and the never ending hospital scene(story arc 1) and random stuff 2(story arc 2)?
RJ of BlockTales 20.11.2010, 6:25 edit delete reply
RJ of BlockTales
Story Arc 1: Welcome to BlockTales is The Beginning, The Bombshell and The Hospital.

Story Arc 2: Say Hello to all these New Characters is everything from The Warzone to Loose Ends.

Story Arc 3: Love in the Air of Foreshadowton starts on Monday.