Comic 180 - Episode 174

15.8.2010, 17:00 in Wrong Number
Episode 174
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isaac5 15.8.2010, 21:48 edit delete reply
Man, I thought I was about the pay for never seeing ghostbusters, unless of course your ripping off Doyle and this is Tony Stark in Nite Owl's ship
Brik guy 16.8.2010, 12:26 edit delete reply
You never know, batmobile owners can normaly help in many situations.
RJ of BlockTales 21.8.2010, 4:40 edit delete reply
RJ of BlockTales
No, this is much more deep! Even if Tony Stark does turn up, it will be for a good reason! Anyway, I can't afford to get the Ghostbuster gear off BrickForge so...

@Brik guy
Well, if they carry their Bat-Proton Packs and Bat-Ghost Traps on them.